Be Happier in Your Business

Closeup portrait of a happy young businesswoman isolated on white backgroundWe’ve given countless tips on how to be more lucrative and successful in your business, but we haven’t spent enough time considering how you can be happier.  In a recent SmallTrends article, author Aubriella Billig shares “10 Things You Must do to be Happy in Your Business.”  Here we share five of her suggestions:

1. Embrace Change.  We can’t experience growth without change, so it’s important to embrace it.  Resisting change ensures things won’t get better than they are this moment, and the truth is, in the current market only those business owners who are adaptable will succeed.  Your flexibility will enable you to smile through the uncertainty.

2. Focus on the Future.  We are often distracted by setbacks and hard days.  When we attend to the future instead, focusing all our energy on the positive vision we hold, those small obstacles become mere potholes on our path.

3. Stop Making Excuses. It’s easy to start pointing the finger of blame when you encounter difficulty.  But this creates negative energy which is counterproductive.  If you made a mistake, take responsibility and learn from it.  And if someone else makes a mistake, see what might be learned from that as well.  But don’t dwell on it. 

4. Have No Fear.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Always do what you are afraid to do.”  Fear is completely in the mind, and the more we focus on it, the greater it becomes.  You mustn’t give fear the attention it’s clamoring for.  At first this may require you to “feel the fear and do it anyway” until you become accustomed to moving forward and realizing your dreams.  But you’ll find that doing so will make you much happier. 

5. Create Your Own Expectations.  Billig explains, “Although you are serving your customers, remember this is your business.   Make it everything you want it to be.  Set attainable goals.  Expand your horizons, and create an environment where you and your customers will both be comfortable.  Remember, this is your business.  What do you want it to be?”

Denis Waitley said, “Happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results.”  This is a great guideline in moving forward in your business without become too preoccupied with outcomes.  In this, you’re more likely to enjoy the happy journey that’s certain to follow your proactive approach.

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Billig, Abriella.  “10 Things You Must Do to be Happy in Your Business.”  8 September 2014