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change-attitudeIt’s easy to get sucked into all the negative talk about the recession.  But if you do, before you know it, you’ve prescribed to a new and pessimistic attitude that negatively impacts your management style and, quite possibly, your profitability.

While fear and worry may be all the rage right now, allowing those emotions to influence your business approach will only undermine your efforts.  If you continue to think negatively, you’ll find yourself battling a mental current that’s not conducive to financial success.  But how do you turn those negative thought patterns around?  Here are five tips in changing your attitude so that you can experience success amidst the economic recession.

1. Consider what’s working.

While your business may have been impacted by the recession, we’re guessing that you’ve learned a thing or two as well.  Look back on the last six months and ask yourself, what’s going well?  Have you acquired new clients?  Or perhaps you’ve learned new marketing approaches that work better in the current economy.  Maybe you’ve streamlined your budget so that you’re spending less money.

2. Examine your thoughts.

Have you prescribed to this fatalist mentality that the economy is sliding into oblivion?  If so, your daily and even hourly thoughts probably reflect that.  Consider how this must impact your decision-making process.  You may be more tentative about taking risks, growing your business, or contacting prospective clients.  Practice thinking more positive and uplifting thoughts.  Get into the habit of expecting good things to happen to you and your business.  You may be surprised how this step alone can turn your business around.

3. Avoid gloom and doom discussions.

It’s almost vogue to discuss just how bad the recession is.  Newscasts, radio programs, and even water cooler discussions seem propelled by these frenzied conversations about how our nation is on a fast-track to poverty and despair.  If you want to avoid the negative energy associated with these discussions, don’t participate.  You can leave, try to change the subject, or refuse to engage in derogatory conversations that will only point your business towards failure.

4. Consider the opportunities.

Some believe that the recession is only opportunity in disguise, that economic failure is the perfect springboard to small business success.  By exerting more energy and thinking out of the box, you can use this time to grow your business while your competitors lay low.  Adding new services, strengthening your marketing strategy, and streamlining your business processes can all enable you to become the premier accounting firm in your area, regardless of the recession.

5. Practice positive affirmations.

We know, we know.  Looking in the mirror and telling yourself, “I am experiencing great business success,” may sound a little campy.  But the truth is, when you actively fill your mind with positive affirmations, you’re better equipped to rid yourself of negative thoughts and the impact they will absolutely have on your business.  Write a few statements down and consider how they make you feel when repeated.  Eliminate the weaker statement and continually repeat those that are empowering.

Just because your friends are jumping off mental bridges doesn’t mean you have to follow them.  In fact, your business will thank you for maintaining a positive attitude regardless of the economic downturn.  After some time, your positive attitude will certainly be reflected in your business’s success.

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