Email Signatures – Just Sign Here

What type of signature represents the most simple but most effective form of publicity? ……..No more clues – it’s the humble e-mail signature.

Those few lines which you add to the bottom of every e-mail you send or post in a newsgroup can also be the least expensive publicity campaign in which you will ever participate.

Here are some points to consider regarding your email signature:

1. It should be limited to 4-5 lines with the most important lines at the beginning. You can then delete the last couple of lines if necessary.

2. Consider including the following:Your business nameAddressTelephone numberWebsite, if you have oneYour SOB (Statement of Benefits)

3. Always make sure that your e-mail message includes a signature – it represents free advertising. It’s an excellent method to promote your website as it encourages the e-mail recipient to check out the website then and there.

4. If your e-mail system includes a multiple signature feature, create more than one signature and then use them for different circumstances. For example you may use a different e-mail signature for business rather than for family and friends. Or, for your existing clients you may remind them about your reward for referrals, whereas for prospective clients you’ll want to restate the benefits of working with you.

E-mail signatures have particular relevance when you are sending someone an e-mail for the first time as it enables them to record your address or phone numbers and, as previously mentioned, to have a look at your website as it is only a click away.

As e-mail messages can be forwarded to other parties without your knowledge, your signature details will also be available to people other than those to whom you are sending an e-mail and, of course, participants in discussion groups.

In short e-mail signatures are a must for simple, effective and inexpensive promotional activity.

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