Entrepreneurs: 5 Success Traits


Wanted: Successful professionals interested in launching and sustaining lucrative practices.

Does this sound like a want ad you might respond to?  If you have ever considered launching your own financial practice, it’s important that you acquire the skills and experience necessary to succeed.  While those hard skills are key, it’s also important that you possess certain soft skills that ensure a greater likelihood of entrepreneurial achievement.  Ask yourself, do you possess the following?

1. Confidence.  There’s no use going into business for yourself if you don’t believe you can be successful.  Much of what you achieve begins in the dusty corners of your mind.  As William Arthur Ward once famously said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”  You demonstrate that with a healthy dose of confidence, which often requires you to forge ahead with little more than that to go on.

2. Ambition.  Webster defines ambition as the “desire to achieve a particular end.”  Ambitious desire implies that action is required in order to accomplish that end.  Ambitious people are proactive and determined.  They hold a vision of what they would like to accomplish and are anxious to move through all the steps necessary to get there.

 3. Willingness to learn.  The majority of successful entrepreneurs are open-minded and not afraid of constructive criticism.  When you’re anxious to learn and grow, you’re continually on the path of improvement which is parallel to success.  Not only that, but when you look to acquire greater knowledge and skills, you gain a competitive advantage that will lead you to greater profitability and accomplishment.

 4. Cost conscious.  Most entrepreneurial rookies don’t climb the ladder of success by exceeding their credit limits; they are thoughtful of and conservative with their expenditures.  You can only put your money to good use when you direct the outflow and inflow with a budget aimed at achieving specific objectives.   Those who are cost conscious, in good times and bad, will best achieve that.

5.  Team oriented.  A team player is one that can see the big picture while appreciating all the required tasks and those players responsible for them.  He or she can sit back and let others take the lead when necessary while knowing when intervention is required.  Team players are also observant and empathetic, being able to recognize and appreciate what may motivate and inspire others on the team.

While you may not currently possess all these traits, it’s possible to start now to acquire them.  Thoughtfully consider how you might develop those entrepreneurial characteristics that would help you achieve greater success.

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