First Impressions Do Count

First Impressions Do Count

It probably sounds trite, but when you have exposure to a client or prospective client for the first time, there is no doubt that a first impression can be a lasting impression.

How then do you create a good first impression?

In many instances your initial exposure is through your marketing efforts, it may also be in person or by telephone, e-mail or through your website.

The attached list is not exhaustive but includes matters which should be considered in relation to the creation of a good first impression:

· You need to look the part – always be well dressed and well groomed. If you follow this practice, it won’t matter if a client or potential client suddenly materializes unexpectedly.

· Your office telephone should be answered in a professional manner

· You should ensure that your website does not appear to have been developed by an amateur and that it is always up to date

· Your business cards and stationery should also have a professional appearance. It’s worth investing a little bit more, to give the right look.

· If you are using any marketing brochures, make sure that they add to and not detract from your professionalappearance. It really looks like amateur hour when marketing brochures incorporate inappropriate clipart and meaningless copy

· First impressions are critical when you are networking. You should always rehearse what you are going to say about your business when you meet someone for the first time – “your 30 second personal commercial” or “elevator speech”

A great deal of time and effort goes into your exposure to clients and potential clients and the opportunities should not be squandered.

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