Google Maps and Foursquare Great Ways to Increase PR

When was the last time you used a Google Map to locate a business?  It’s becoming one of Google’s more popular features.  Did you know that you can get a free business listing in Google Places, which enables your business to be visible in these special Google Map searches?

Once you’ve secured your free listing with Google Maps, you can create Boost ads from your Google Places for as little as $50 per month in order to increase the odds that users will click on your business listing.  This is how it works: when Google determines that your business listing is pertinent to a user’s search query, it will display your business information in one of the Boost ads displaying at the top of the screen or in the right column.  After time, you will be able to view daily reports of ad performance, including keywords that drive people to your Boost ads.

And if you’re looking for another free map listing, consider Foursquare which offers a free Merchant Platform to its member.  Think of how much it could help your business if customers were rewarded for ‘checking in’ to your business via Facebook and other social networking sites.  And because Foursquare users collect points and earn virtual badges from Foursquare for checking in anyway, they suddenly have double the incentive to promote your business whenever possible.

Diana Ransom, author of Business Insider’s article “3 Ways to Get Tons of Exposure with Foursquare” explains, “Many will go out of their way to visit a local eatery or clothing boutique just to land discounts and freebies, while others are in it to win cyber-world cred.  For entrepreneurs, the upshot is your business may get discovered by legions of roving shoppers.”

While it may be difficult to be in-the-know about all these new mobile and internet tools, Google Maps and Foursquare may be worth considering as you try to boost your internet presence and secure clients from a younger, hipper crowd.

Whether or not you like it, proper use of technology can enhance your business.  Without it, you’re ignoring a large section of your prospective market.  Consider how Universal might help.  Join our free accounting and tax forums, follow us on Twitter and like us on FaceBook.  You’ll be surprised at how an internet community will enable you to determine which of these tools can prove most profitable to your business.


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