Guest Blogging

Increasing Traffic to Your Website

A blog can be an effective marketing tool, especially when used in conjunction with your business website.  However, once you’ve established your blog it can be difficult to increase traffic.  Here we suggest 3 tips to build your brand and your readership by guest blogging:

1. Build relationships with fellow bloggers and post to one another’s blogs.  The world of blogging can become a powerful network.  Building relationships with fellow bloggers will give you access to a whole new audience that’s unfamiliar with your services and expertise.  Do a local search to determine who’s blogging, then consider whether or not your skillset would prove beneficial to their readership, and visa versa. 

2. Ask members of your strategic partnership to guest post.  Also called “natural business relationships,” strategic partners are professionals with complementary skillsets that can share referrals, information, and advice regarding critical business issues.  Whether your strategic partnership includes lawyers, financial planners, insurance reps, or loan officers, they become potential guests to your blog, and you to theirs.  Again, information from a leading expert in another field can prove valuable to your readers.  And being given the opportunity to guest post on their blogs will expose you to more potential readers in need of your specific skills. 

3. Submit posts to industry websites.  The internet can enable you to secure clients outside your current location.  When you post informative article to websites offering financial information to prospective clients, you not only build your professional reputation, you widen the boundaries of individuals you can serve.  Look for websites prospective clients would frequent and see what they require from guest bloggers/writers.

Small-business blogging is a popular method of marketing.  For little money, you can have your own blog up and running in no time.  Most blogging publishing sites require no software installation, and maintaining a blog requires no help from tech support—creating a blog and adding posts is just about as easy as sending email.  That’s why there are literarily countless blogs out in cyberspace.  But the point is not just to get a blog out there; the point is to have it rise to the top of competing blogs.  By following some of these suggestions, you might do just that.

UAC Can Help You Create a Custom Website for Your Practice that Includes a Blog!

If well developed, a business website can act as an inexpensive marketing tool and a good point of contact.  If you don’t yet have a business website or a blog, Let Universal Accounting Center (UAC) help you build a strong web presence without expending much time, energy or money.

UAC offers AccountWeb, a website development tool, exclusively for financial professionals.  Within a week you can create a personalized website for your practice, enabling potential clients to access your business even after your office closes.  And if you become an Advanced User, your package will include a blog.  To see a sample of a website developed from the Universal Accountweb platform, go to

Whether you run a full-time practice or perform financial services on the side, you need a website that tells potential clients about your business even when you are unable to.  If you haven’t yet developed a website for your business, today is the day! Order your subscription now, and your website will be up and running by the following business week.  And if you are a Universal Accounting student you will receive a free six-month trial!


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