How Healthy Is Your Work Environment?

healthy-work-environWhen managing your own office, it’s important to know that you’ve created a healthy work environment for your employees.  The more satisfied your staff, the better they perform and the longer they stay-both of which contribute to your firm’s success.  But how do you know whether or not your offices are inviting and comfortable?  Personal Life Coach, Ron Prewitt, suggests asking yourself the following questions:

1. Do employees laugh often?

While you don’t want your employees to spend their entire workday sharing jokes and yuking it up, you should remember that laughter is a sign of comfort and indicates that employees are happy.

2. Do employees freely share their ideas?

Often employees have the best ideas for improving a business.  Being allowed to share those ideas helps them feel valued, which in turn increases their job satisfaction.  If you haven’t already, establish an open-door policy encouraging employees to share their ideas regarding your practice.

3. Are your employee values and expectations clear?

Sometimes employees can’t seem to hit the mark because they’re unsure of what or where that mark is.  Consider creating an Employee Handbook that includes a mission statement, company policies, job descriptions and perhaps instructions for common tasks.  This, coupled with regular performance evaluations, will provide employees with the direction they need to be successful.

4. Do you work simply?

When tasks become complicated or even frivolous, you lose employee trust.  Ensure that all the projects you assign are absolutely necessary.  Assess your processes to guarantee that all employees are working together effectively, free of busy work and redundant tasks.

5. Is your organization reasonably orderly and comfortable?

It’s difficult to feel relaxed in a messy or cluttered work environment.  In fact, some may argue that external clutter is a reflection of internal clutter.  Organizing your office and creating a tidy work environment will enable your employees to work undistracted.  Also ensure that the furniture you provide is comfortable and ergonomic.

6. Do your employees have strong connections with others?

It’s important for your business to be actively engaged in the community.  Consider dedicating one day as a volunteer effort that will not only build morale but keep you connected with people from your target market.

Sometimes all it takes to improve a work environment is a more conscious reflection on how your staff interacts.  Take note of where your office might be lacking and make the necessary changes today because often your bottom line is just a reflection of your success as an office manager.

UAC Offers Onsite Employee Training

Offering job training can do wonders for employee satisfaction.  Not only does is it enhance their personal careers, but it increases job performance.  UAC has been training professionals for 30 years in bookkeeping, accounting and tax services.  We know what your clients need; we know what your business needs.  And a knowledgeable, trained staff will do wonders for your bottom line as well as employee morale.  Whether it be business management, accounting, or tax training, we can provide complete, onsite training for your employees.  And regardless of their positions, we can help them understand how their work contributes to your business model.  Learn more by visiting UAC’s website today!

ResourcePrewitt, Ron.  “Signs of a Healthy Work Environment.”