ICB USA Memberships for UAC Alumni

BusinessCard-PB-PTP-QS-WAs students of Universal Accounting Center it is obvious you are serious about your career in accounting. Although each of us is unique with various goals professionally we see value in continue education. Which also can be membership within an organization or association.

When we enroll in a school and take various classes to improve our skills and certify our abilities there is a finality to the training once we pass the corresponding final exam. At Universal we are proud to say that for our students we also offer extended support but there is also value in taking the next step and joining an association or organization.

“Given the number of responsibilities that you juggle on a daily basis, joining a professional organization may not be one of your top priorities.” – Robert Half

For some a membership offers the ability to give back and help others in the profession. Each of us have backgrounds that bring perspectives that others can benefit from. Joining a group allows us to share and make a positive difference in the lives of others also pursuing the same career.

Others still have much to learn and joining a professional organization can be that next step to help them excel in their career. Consider this list of common benefits that can be found in an association:

  • Opportunity to give back and help others
  • Mentoring, following the proven paths that others have taken
  • Professional Development that come from topical newsletters, publications, conferences etc.
  • Industry Advancement as one is made aware of best practices and standards as well as new developments
  • Networking, a chance to find and build relationships with the movers and shakers within the profession
  • Membership Access which can give a professional the needed insights to the trends and changes happening within the profession.
  • Discounted rate, often a perk for membership

“An association is a synergistic group, meaning that the effect of a collection of people is greater than just one person.” – Kelly A Cherwin, Communications Editor, HigherEdJobs

ICB USA logo colFor this reason Universal Accounting Center (UAC), an accounting school for small business professionals announced their partnership with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) as they launch their association in the United States.

ICBUSA is creating a community of professional bookkeepers who can demonstrate the highest standard of bookkeeping skills and knowledge but who are also passionate about maintaining ethical and professional values. I believe that ICBUSA’s certification will further strengthen UAC’s standing in the profession and I look forward to working very closely with Roger and the UAC team to ensure that our new partnership opens up bookkeeping as a profession to an even wider market”. – Jan Haugo, CEO of ICBUSA

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is the largest bookkeeping institute in the world with students and members in 110 countries and offers the kinship of the world’s most engaged bookkeeper community. It promotes and maintains the standards of bookkeeping as a profession through the establishment of relevant qualifications and the award of grades of membership that recognize academic attainment, working experience and competence.

Roger K“Within the US there is a need for a bookkeeping community that helps bookkeepers rise to a new level of professionalism and gain respect within the accounting line of work and ICB is the organization to do just that” said Roger Knecht, president of UAC.

Here is what ICB USA is offering its members:

Student Level

  • Student: $121.50 per year
  • Plus a one-time application fee of $25

Online Bookkeepers forumhttp://www.icbusa.org/Forum – meet other bookkeepers on ICB’s own forum to give and receive advice on training, technical information and business, or just for a chat!

Job Application Advice – in the member’s only section of the website, get advice on writing a resume, interview tips, and more.

Legislation update and newsletter – regular articles from ICB and its partners covering industry updates, careers, and bookkeeping tips.

Business start-up guide (coming soon) – guide on how to set up a successful bookkeeping business and what to expect. The bookkeeping guide is not training, it just lists the things a future bookkeeping entrepreneur needs to think about before setting up.

CPE resources (coming soon) – educational and training resources from ICB’s partners. Online CPE logging tool also available in member portal.

Local Networking and training events (coming soon)

Membership card

Discounts to attend the annual Bookkeepers Summit

Software discounts (coming soon) – from ICB software partners

ICBenefits– a discounts scheme for everyday and luxury items- save more than the cost of your membership every year! Includes Walmart, Best Buy, Groupon, T-Mobile, American Airlines, Apple, Verizon, and hundreds more!

Additional membership resources

  • Professional letters- designatory letters after your name
  • ICB certificate
  • ICB web access for technical support – technical documents in members only section
  • Job search features – members only- view job listings in your local area
  • Technical advice line
  • Legal advice
  • Discounts on software apps and app integration advice

Associate – Level I Certificate in Bookkeeping

  • Occupational Role: Assistant Bookkeeper
  • Associate Membership: $511 per year
    • Plus a one-time application fee of $75
    • Because of the partnership between UAC and ICB USA all UAC students received a discount upon enrolling. Be sure to ask the UAC enrollment representative for details. 800-343-4827 or http://universalaccountingschool.com/contact-us/

Member – Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping and Financial Statements

  • Occupational Role: Self Employed Bookkeeper/Employed Bookkeeper
  • Member: $558 per year

Fellow – Level III Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping and Financial Statements

  • Occupational Role: self-employed bookkeeper / senior employed bookkeeper
  • Fellow: $395 per year


For more than thirty-six years Universal Accounting Center has offered premier training to professionals wanting to provide financial services to small businesses.  UAC training helps students develop not only crucial financial skills but also the marketing know-how to help promote those services.  Skills are taught through a patented home-study course that is available online, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

More information about Universal can be found by calling 1-800-343-4827 or visiting www.universalaccountingschool.com.

For further information about ICBUSA, call Jan Haugo on 1-310-917-1044 or visit the ICBUSA website at www.icbusa.org

* See recent UAC & ICB press release