Improve Yourself and Your Business with Continuing Education

In this economic climate, it’s important to maintain you competitive advantage in order to enjoy job security or, if you’re in business for yourself, attract more clients.  One way to do that is to by enhancing your skill set and knowledge base with additional schooling and/or training.

Depending on your objectives, there are many benefits to continuing education.  And regardless of your plans, there’s really no down-side to learning more about financial management, the best way to market those skills, and the software that will help you accomplish your professional goals.  Here’s just a sampling of how continuing education could benefit you:

Better Trained Staff with Greater Employee Retention

If you’re running an accounting practice with a staff of employees, offering them complementary training will accomplish three things.  One, your clients will be working with better-trained staff.  This improves your business’s credibility and appeal.  Second, it demonstrates your dedication to the excellence of your accounting practice and the services your offer.  And third, when you provide employees with educational benefits, retention increases.

Promotional Opportunities

If you’re not self-employed, acquiring new skills will increase your value with a current employer while increasing your appeal to prospective employers.  Acquiring new skills is a personal investment that will produce big returns in your career.  It also displays a continual interest in self-improvement for yourself and your employer.  What boss wouldn’t be impressed by the proactive employee improving his/her skill set?

Industry Updates

This is one industry where being uninformed is detrimental to your career. For example, if you offer tax services, tax laws are continually changing.  Training enables you to stay abreast of these changes, safeguarding clients from potential audits while maintaining confidence in your own expertise.

CPE Credits

Depending on your occupation, you may be required to earn CPE credits in order to maintain your professional legitimacy.  In this case, continuing education becomes a necessity rather than a nicety.  Looking for programs that will help you develop the skills and expertise you’re seeking, in addition to earning the credits you need, is extremely important.

With an abundance of training programs available, it can be overwhelming to find the one that will help you accomplish your objectives.  You should look for a program with longevity that offers professional certification and has an abundance of satisfied graduates.  Then if the program specifications meet your needs, you’ve found the right one for you.

Look to UAC for All Your Training Needs

From accounting to tax to QuickBooks software, Universal Accounting offers training that’s guaranteed to help you improve your career.  Universal has been training professionals like you for 30 years, and we have hundreds of satisfied graduates who have used that training to catapult their careers.  Take a minute to peruse Universal Accounting Center’s catalogue to see which of our products can best benefit you.  From training materials to business books to manuals to informative DVDs, we have something that will satisfy your professional needs.  Visit Universal Accounting today!