Increase Your Confidence – Part II


To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are. – AnonymousEach time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing. – Anonymous

A confident businesswoman.Without self-confidence it can be difficult to get up in the morning, let alone run a successful business. If you find yourself questioning yourself and your abilities, it’s time to get an injection of confidence, and quick! Last week we talked about the following 5 confidence-boosting tips:1. Practice positive self-talk2. Excel3. Don’t waste time4. Do something that scares you5. Note your accomplishmentsTo conclude our series on increasing confidence we’ll discuss the following 5 tips:

6. Do something difficultPeter McIntyre once said, “Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” Often we’re afraid to try something we perceive to be difficult because we’re afraid of failing. Unfortunately, that’s how an insecure individual perceives difficulty. A confident individual recognizes that the reward is in doing something difficult, not in whether or not they ultimately succeed. There’s learning in the doing and that experience is invaluable. And often, regardless of the outcome, the act of performing something difficult is hugely rewarding and will go a long way to increase your confidence.7. Stop procrastinatingPutting off important tasks never helps you feel better about yourself. In fact, the opposite is true; generally we feel worse about ourselves when we procrastinate. So make a list of all those tasks you’re avoiding, and tackle one everyday. Even if you’re unable to complete the task you’ll immediately begin to feel better about yourself.8. Get in shapeYour physical condition makes a considerable contribution to your confidence level. We’re not trying to encourage small business owners to become obsessed with superficial appearances; we are, however, encouraging you to be healthy. Eating the right foods, exercising and getting enough sleep are key in how you feel about yourself. And you’d be amazed at how loosing those extra 10 pounds will help you stand a little taller and speak a little louder.9. Take care of yourselfIn light of number eight, we want to emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself by adding that you should avoid the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Even if you’ve unwittingly extended the use of a potentially harmful prescription drug, you’re sending yourself the signal that you and your body aren’t worth topnotch treatment.10. Expect great things to happenWalt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” There’s something to be said about being able to imagine your own success. Because if you can’t, who else will?

Confidence radiates from you like heat. Clients will feel that confidence and become even more convinced of your expertise. And the more you nurture that confidence, the more self-assured you will be, and soon you’ll find that your business is a reflection of your new sense of self-worth.

Look to Universal Accounting Center for an Infusion of Confidence

When you receive the right training you can feel more confident and secure about the services you’re offering. If you haven’t yet been able to achieve that confidence with any other training, we’re certain you can find it with UAC. Here’s what just a few of our graduates have said:My confidence and enjoyment in Accounting has increased ten-fold. – Tyson SoffeThe presentation was informative and challenging. Yet, the help given was free from intimidation- always building confidence in accounting and my ability. – Merrill LotthouseI was very pleased with Universal Accounting. Their program help me to establish a good solid business and gave me the confidence I needed so badly at that time. I would recommend this program to anyone and I have sent at least 2 people in at my recommendation. Thank You. – Nadine Gibby

The Professional Bookkeeper ProgramThe Professional Bookkeeper Program LogoWhat’s all that fuss about? UAC’s Professional Bookkeeper Program! Designed to teach small business accounting, it helps individuals like you achieve the success you’re looking for. Over 85% of the opportunities in the accounting field are within small businesses; when you have small business accounting expertise you can focus on this niche market and have confidence that you offer business owners unique and beneficial services.At Universal Accounting, we understand the needs of the small business like nobody else. We’ve helped people like you advance their career in small business accounting for over 25 years. The Professional Bookkeeper Program is designed specifically to address the needs of small businesses, and Universal Accounting Center’s small business accounting course is the most complete of anything else offered today. And depending on your schedule and situation, it will only take you 60 hours to complete. Imagine earning a professional designation in less than one month!UAC Can Also Help You Get ClientsUAC has developed a turn-key marketing solution which will enable you to grow your business with our proven system. You could work for years on a marketing plan, hitting and missing, only to find your business growing at a snail’s pace. Imagine learning which marketing strategies work in just 48 hours!The Universal Practice Builder ProgramUniversal Practice Builder Program LogoUniversal has recently turned their amazing Universal Practice Builder Workshop into an 8-DVD course. No longer do you have to attend a local, 2-day workshop to learn the marketing expertise necessary to promote your business. Top your Professional Bookkeeper Designation off with this guaranteed program where you’ll walk away with over 12 marketing strategies that you can implement immediately. You’ll also be able to increase your annual billings by $30,000 in just 12 months!If you enroll today, you can purchase both programs for one low price. In a matter of months you could grow your business in ways you’ve only imagined. Don’t wait. Order now!

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