Inexpensive Marketing Tips

Marketing You Can Do Without Breaking The Bank

If you have ever watched the Super Bowl, you know a good portion of the circus that follows the game is all about the advertising. The marketing strategies that are being attempted, some successfully, some not are all trying to do one thing: get people in their doors. For use regular joe’s doing business in every day life, we couldn’t imagine paying what it costs to get that amount of publicity. Quite frankly, as an accountant, you wouldn’t want that either.Here are a few ways to be able to get your word out to those who will best benefit your practice. Ways that, if done correctly will not have to cost you any more than the time to accomplish it.Community Support This tactic is a feel-good all the way around. And getting contacts truly is a by-product, or a happy coincidence to the action you are taking. What action is that? Volunteering is the action to take. Find a cause that you can get behind, one that you are comfortable with and get you and your company’s name involved. When you are “Jerry From Nickel and Dime Accounting” out there helping out those in need those organizers, and directors are going to see the genuine goodwill you have they will be inclined to discuss with you what’s on their minds. And it’s been my experience, that those who are in the fundraising industry have connections to tons of small business owners.Now should you volunteer to get business contacts? No, do it out of the goodness of your heart, however, you may also be able to assist those who have also volunteered their time as well. Networking LuncheonsNow this tactic is a simple one, and it can cost you a weekly lunch or two, but these groups (loosely organized in cities or through local chambers of commerce) are great places to make the connections you need to build your customer base. Perhaps there isn’t a need within the group that you meet with, but it is very possible that they know of others who are in dire need of someone with your skills and talents as an accountant and will get you connected with them. Keep yourself always available to assist those with their accounting needs.Just Asking Those Who KnowOur students and our graduates keep telling us that when we told them, to simply ask those around them who may need to have accounting help, that they didn’t know how good that would be for them. We have lost count on how many students have gotten back to us and said that they were able to increase their billing hours, or gain another client, or find another industry that they could service by just the simple act of asking about it. One of our students, increased his monthly billings by $4,500 in just one week, only by asking those around him!Simple, but so very effective. Marketing can seem daunting, especially if you aren’t inclined to be that way in the first place. All it takes to be good at marketing, is the actual doing of the marketing. Test these tactics out yourself and find out how you can change in a very short time the outlook and the growth of your practice.

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