Make this a Stellar Year!

Your aspirations will continue to reside in your future unless you do something about them, today!  You can take action to start your own bookkeeping service by enrolling in the Professional Bookkeeper Program.  You could be finished in less than 60 days and earn certification that will show prospective clients that you have the expertise necessary to handle all their accounting needs.

One Simple Course

This course is designed to make you a Profit & Growth Expert (PGE).  What’s a Profit & Growth Expert?  A financial professional who does more than balance books, but also informs clients how to increase their business’s profitability.  They are proactive accountants who help their clients make informed business decisions aimed at improving a company’s fiscal health.

In addition to becoming a Profit Expert, the Professional Bookkeeper program will teach you all you need to know to start and manage a business’s books.  Specifically you will learn how to perform small-business accounting tasks.  This is remarkable because most accounting programs prepare their graduates to perform corporate accounting; however, more than 80% of accounting opportunities are not with large corporations but small businesses.

There are more than enough local businesses with which to build your client base. They could use someone specialized in those skills that satisfy their unique needs.

In addition to the reasons noted above, there are many more that detail why a bookkeeping service makes so much sense. Here’s a list of some of those reasons:

  • Every business is required by law to keep books
  • You can earn a good living (the average client will bring in about $300 per month)
  • It’s an inexpensive business to start (you probably have most of what is required right now)
  • No expensive equipment is required
  • You can make money doing what you enjoy
  • You can work anytime, any place
  • Rented office space is not required
  • Inventory is not required

A bookkeeping service is one of the easiest to begin.  And to wrap up your training, we will also teach you how to market your new and unique skills.  You’ll not only know how to start and manage a company’s books from scratch but also how to acquire those qualified clients that will appreciate your service offerings.

In less than a couple months you could be ready to start your own accounting practice.  Why not celebrate the New Year early by enrolling in a program that will change the course of your future, today?

Call Universal now at 1-800-833-7908 to give yourself one last gift: a stellar new year!