Roger Knecht

Roger Knecht PB, VB. President of Universal Accounting Center

President of Universal Accounting Center, helps accounting professionals have the premier accounting firm in their area offering quality value added services with confidence and competence. He’s also your coach to help you apply these principles within your own business as well as help you marketing, enroll and fulfill these services with your business clients: (most of this will be done with your participation within a closed Facebook group)

  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • On-boarding new clients
  • Fulfillment, working with your clients throughout the engagement

After using the Value Builder system we’ve grown our business consulting services (Universal Business Builder, a division of Universal Accounting Center) to work with owners of various industries to apply the 8 drivers within their businesses.  We’ve seen companies go from being in the RED, not being paid as owners to being “in the BLACK” as well as going to market and being sold.  It’s time to apply these principles within your business AND provide these services to your clients.  Become a certified Value Builder provider.

Roger is a strategic business development leader helping business owners establish short & long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies to increase sales, improve profits and build the value of the business. He enjoys working with business owners to increase the financial value of the company using proven strategies, processes and procedures to:
* Engage & Manifest – Becoming the leader the business needs
* Understand Accounting – Timely information to intelligently run the business
* Increase Sales – Follow a proven sales process
* Improve Profit – Nine Principles for Profitability putting Profit First
* Build the Value of the Business – 8 Key Drivers in Business

Roger Knecht teaches the following courses:

Value Builder (VB)

Advanced Business Coaching

Profit & Growth Expert (PGE)

Accountrepreneur’s Forum LIVE Workshop