Powering Up Your Client Database

Powering Up Your Client Database and Getting Personal

It’s fundamental that your database should include details of your bookkeeping clients’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and facsimile numbers.

Adding details of the names of other family members also makes good sense as does any significant dates that you can get your hands on – birthdays and anniversaries for example.

Armed with a loaded database, it’s time to derive some substantial benefits for your business.

It’s time to get personal with your clients!

Getting personal is really a matter of making sure that you’re aware of what’s happening in your clients’ lives and letting them know that you’re thinking of them either by way of a telephone call or a card.

The hackneyed birthday card has become passe but most people will appreciate either a humorous card or a computer card complete with a personal message from you.

You can expect a similar good reaction to your wedding anniversary or congratulations card in relation to a business or personal success or an addition to the family.

When things are not going so well for a client, it’s amazing how you can buck them up with a brief telephone conversation when you simply indicate that you are thinking about your client.

Getting personal not only makes both you and your clients feel good about yourselves but from a purely commercial perspective, it can lead to a dramatic increase in the volume of referrals that you receive and this is just from being a caring person.

It’s never too late to implement a getting personal strategy!

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