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I’m excited to write to you today about the DVD and other materials that you have reqested. (Your DVD should be arriving any day now.)You’ve taken the first step on the road to a new and exciting business. Let’s talk a little about why this is such a rewarding business.The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that for the foreseeable future, opportunities in the accounting and tax field will continue to grow. In fact, they say that as long as business regulations continue to get more and more complicated, the need for skilled and qualified accounting and tax professionals will continue to increase.

This Is Great News For You

You might be thinking, “I don’t have a college education, how does this affect me?”Here’s the good news. You don’t need a college or university education. Yes, you need specialized training, but you don’t need to go to a college or university to get it. In fact, most college accounting programs don’t prepare you for the exciting and rewarding business of small business accounting.College and university programs teach corporate accounting, finance and analysis. Not small business accounting. 85% of the opportunities in accounting today are with small business. The right education in small business bookkeeping and accounting will prepare you for the profitable and predictable income you will achieve with a bookkeeping and tax preparation practice.

If It’s Not at the University, Where Do I Get the Right Education?

You’ve already started in the right direction. Universal Accounting is has been called the small business experts since 1979. We’ve been teaching small business bookkeeping and accounting for over 25 years. We know the ins-and-outs of small business bookkeeping and tax preparation. We know it better than anyone else. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Click on the link below and listen to what some of the successful graduates of the Universal Accounting Professional Bookkeeper Course have to say about it.Click Here to Listen to What Others are Saying About the Professional Bookkeeper Program

Hands-On Learning is Hands-Down the Best

Most courses will only offer you an eBook or other text book to read… not Universal. With DVD and written course materials you’ll find the best information in the finest medium for distance learning. You will actually do the books for several different small businesses. Nobody I’m aware of offers you as comprehensive an education in practical, hands-on, small business accounting.With the included DVD instruction, if you need to repeat a subject, simply rewind and replay. Move ahead at your own pace and enjoy the best possible learning environment available.But that’s not all. You’ll have a personal coach to help you. A live voice at the other end of the phone. That’s a Universal Exclusive. Whether via telephone or e-mail, you can get your questions answered.The finest course materials, a personal coach and online testing to ensure confidence that you’ve attained mastery of the concepts taught is only part of what Universal Accounting has to offer.

Find and Keep Clients

Universal Accounting is the only school I know of that will not only teach you everything you’ll need to know about small business accounting and tax preparation, you’ll also master the skills you need to find and keep clients. By utilizing the same tools that professional marketers use, you’ll find the qualified clients that will pay from $30 to $60 per hour for the services that you provide.You might be thinking, “I’m not a good salesman. I don’t know if I can do that.”You don’t have to be. Over the years, we’ve tested hundreds of different marketing methods and have hand-picked those that we’ve found to be the most successful, and will show them to you. Finding and keeping clients is achievable, profitable and easy… if you follow Universal’s outline for success.In fact, for 6 months after you’ve completed the course, you’ll have access to not only technical bookkeeping and accounting help, but marketing help too. At Universal, we employ some of the most talented and skilled marketing experts in the business. And they are here to help you achieve success.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with the First Step

Congratulations on your first step. While you wait for the video to arrive, feel free to sign-up for our Accounting and Bookkeeping Tips newsletter. It’s full of valuable information on how to start and build a successful bookkeeping and accounting practice. You’ll learn about establishing an office, finding clients and the nuts-and-bolts of running your practice. To sign up for this FREE newsletter, click HERE.If you’re ready to take the next step, simply click on the link below to find out more about how exciting and rewarding a business in professional bookkeeping and tax preparation could be for you. Earning $30 to $60 an hour is only a couple mouse clicks away. Don’t delay.Click Here and Learn About Earning $30 to $60 Per Hour

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