The Power of Professional Conferences

The self-employed often become so engrossed in their efforts to effectively manage their own businesses that they become somewhat reclusive in their business practices.  Cutting-edge trends, approaches and technologies are often sacrificed for the immediate need to get stuff done.  However, the most successful business owners are educated and aware of current strategies, continually interacting with clients, peers, and their competitors to discover how to improve services and the way in which they market them.   These well-balanced entrepreneurs have businesses that easily tip the scales towards growth and profitability.

Acquiring that broad vision that enables you to see the industry and how your practice measures up is crucial in this market.  One thing you can do to acquire that vision, and the competitive advantage that comes with it, is to attend professional conferences and workshops.  In just a few short days, you can accomplish the following:

1. Networking. When you select the right conference, you will be surrounded by professionals with whom you have much in common.  As you exchange information, you network with individuals who may be able to refer clients and provide you with even more contacts.

2. Peer Advice. As you network, you will be talking with individuals who experience many of the same struggles you do.  You will have the opportunity to hear how others have resolved similar problems, streamlined their processes, marketed their services and more.

3. Exposure to Industry Trends. While they say that no one operates in a vacuum, if you isolate yourself in a home office, focusing only on your clientele and their needs, you come pretty close.  Without exposure to industry trends, software advances, and procedural changes, you lose your competitive advantage and contribute to your own obsolescence.  Attending professional conferences enables you to combat that tendency, staying current and relevant.

4. Education. A good professional conference will offer sessions that cater to your own unique needs, enabling you to resolve concerns specific to your clientele and practice.  In a short matter of time, you’ll acquire practical advice that you can apply as soon as you return to your office.  Not only that, but generally you’re given contact information for each presenter so that you can call or email them with more questions later.

5. Timewise Investment. The most powerful characteristic of a conference is that they’re short—generally no more than 3 days.  In just 36 to 72 hours you could network, receive valuable peer advice, expose yourself to industry trends and receive an industry-specific education.  What a great way to break from an isolated environment to gain that broad vision crucial to your success.

Universal Accounting Center realizes how valuable professional conferences can be to financial professionals like yourself.  In an industry that’s continually changing, it helps to receive training at the hands of renowned professionals working in the trenches themselves.  That’s why we’re holding our second annual Universal Accounting Conference this September 20th – 21st in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Here’s what some of our participants said about last year’s conference:

I feel so blessed by being able to attend this conference.  I have met so many wonderful people.  I am leaving with knowing that I have the knowledge that it takes and the right people to help me.— Debra C.

I came to learn how I could be a good support for my daughter’s business so I can help her grow.  In attending, I realized I can take the information I was shown and apply it to my own consulting business.— Ingrid C.

Thank you very much!  Well spent money.— Anonymous

I was so impressed with your company that I would love to work with you.  If you think my skills and knowledge can be an asset please let me know. – Brenda B.

This year’s conference promises to be just as rewarding, if not more so, than last’s.  Here are some of the sessions we’ll be offering this year:

  • Getting Started with Office Technology
  • Networking and Relationship Strategies
  • Planning Practice Growth
  • The Power of Presence: Your Ultimate Marketing Channel
  • Becoming a Profit Expert with Business Benchmarking Reports
  • Technology Strategies for the Growing Office
  • Working through Resistance
  • Phenomenal Women in Business
  • Smart Staffing Strategies to Work Less and Make More
  • How to Find and Create Expanded Service Opportunities
  • Tax Practice Administration
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • How the Right Client Feedback will Perfect Your Practice
  • Future of the Accounting/Financial Services Industry
  • From Friend to Fortunate: Making Social Media Pay

Propel your practice to the next level in just a matter of days.  Reserve your spot by registering for the Universal Accounting Conference now!