The Power of the Power Nap

Happy young business woman relaxing on a chairA handful of my entrepreneur FB friends have been posting about their regular naps lately, and I’ve thought, Hhmm.  Could there really be something to the Power Nap we’ve all heard about? This week on, author and entrepreneur Jacqueline Whitmore responds with an article entitled “Why You Should Learn to Nap like a Pro.”

She begins by suggesting that you follow the greats at Google, Ben & Jerry’s and Zappos who encourage their employees to enjoy a daily siesta.  With them at the lead, daily naps are becoming more acceptable.  Not to mention, historical powerhouses like Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, John Rockefeller, Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Reagan also indulged in regular naps.

Whitmore claims, “A quick snooze can also prevent burnout. ..  When we sleep, our brains reboot—sifting through the information that’s been acquired throughout the day to decide what to keep and what to discharge.  Entrepreneurs who nap will retain more information and increase the ability to memorize complex information.”

But, contrary to popular belief, power-napping can be a difficult habit to start.  Whitmore recommends the following:

  • Find a dark room and get comfortable.
  • Nap early in the afternoon, to avoid insomnia later at night.
  • Allow thoughts to come and go while concentrating on your breathing.
  • Keep your nap short (no more than 20 minutes at a time).

While you may have some extensions to work on, the bulk of your stressful tax season is over!  So stop worrying that a daily power nap might limit your accomplishments.  It appears that the opposite is true. Power nap on!

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Whitmore, Jacqueline.  “Why You Should Learn to Nap like a Pro.” 8 April 2014