Things Employees Hate in Bosses

negative-peopleThere are some things that drive employees crazy.  Are you doing any of those things? 

In a recent article, author Jared Hecht shares “The 5 Habits You Have That Are Driving Your Employees Crazy.”  Here we share four of those troublesome habits:

1. Micromanage. When you micromanage your employees, you communicate a lack of faith in their ability that can be extremely frustrating to them.  Ensure they have the skills and tools necessary to accomplish their tasks, and back off!

2. You frequently change course.  A good boss has a clear vision and moves forward with confidence.  If you’re continually changing direction or forcing employees to reorder priorities based on your whims, they will stop moving forward with conviction and power because they will always worry that today’s priority will become tomorrow’s interruption.

3. You email after hours—and expect a response.  This business is your life; we get that.  But it’s not your employee’s life.  Emailing them at odd hours, and expecting a quick reply, is unfair and, quite frankly, annoying.  Give them the opportunity to recharge off hours so they can be completely dedicated at work.

4. You don’t listen.  As Hecht explains, “Think about the last time you had a good idea and no one listened.  Remember how that felt?  Next time an employee ventures to offer a suggestion, listen—really listen—to what he or she has to say.  Better yet, actively seek your team’s input.”

This week is all about being a stellar leader.  If you find yourself engaging in any of the habits above, actively take steps to stop.  It’s important that your employees felt comfortable in their work environment, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that happens!

Small Business Accounting

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Hecht, Jared.  “The 5 Habits You Have That Are Driving Your Employees Crazy.”  20 March 2014