Use networking events to get leads

This article discusses one of the top places to market and sell your accounting and bookkeeping services. The Chamber of Commerce, leads groups, and networking events, are all great places to get in front of other business professionals make yourself known.

How about a power breakfast? I’m not talking about those dry-crunchy-barley breakfasts either. I’m talking about eggs, bacon, and accounting leads from your own sales team. And the best part is your sales staff is working for FREE!

Sound good? Well here’s how it’s done.

Many professions such as accounting, rely on word-of-mouth advertising for leads. These professions recognize that developing a network among other professionals can and will result in expanding their customer base.

To meet this need, networking groups are developed every day, throughout the United States. The purpose of these groups is to create a forum where professionals like ourselves can share leads with one another. Often times, these groups are organized under the Chamber of Commerce, or under the direction of a national organization such as Business Network International.

Within a city there may be dozens of groups (sometimes called chapters) containing 10 to 35 professionals. The best of these groups permit only one person from each profession to become a member of that particular group, thus the need for multiple groups. In other words, as a member of that chapter you would be the only accountant or bookkeeper.

Typically each group will hold meetings once per week (usually in the morning) at a restaurant. In that meeting each member has an opportunity to introduce him or herself and remind the other members what services he or she provides. Usually time is provided wherein each person stands and shares a referral lead with the others attending the meeting. That’s called payday.

Think of it. You’ll have a corps of professionals telling their clients, friends, neighbors, and relatives about you and your services.

Of course, to make it fair you will want to share their names with others, but that’s another great advantage of membership in these groups. You will develop associations with a host of professionals including attorneys, real estate agents, tax preparers, insurance agents, and on and on. Your relationship with these professions will enhance your ability to service the needs of your clients.

There is typically an annual cost, but it is usually less than one month’s billing for an average client so it can be quite affordable.

If you are interested, first contact your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have organized groups for you to join. If not, ask them if they know of any groups or chapters in your city. If they can’t help you, contact Business Network International, a national organization that has chapters all over the nation. They will provide you with a list of chapters near you. Their toll-free number is (800)825-8286.

This terrific technique is one of many ways that can generate many new clients. I’ve saved some of my best “dynamite” ideas, however, for my course, Start Your Own Successful Bookkeeping and Accounting Service. If you’re not familiar with it, I suggest you look into it. Just go to Getting Started

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