Why QuickBooks Is So Popular

We’re guessing you already know the stats: more than 80% of small business owners use QuickBooks to manage their accounting.  But do you know why? 

As an accountant, it’s important that you understand why so many individuals choose this software program.  In doing so, it may also help you solidify your foothold in the market as you direct current and prospective clients in their software selections.

Simply put, Intuit has been more successful marketing QuickBooks than the competition.  Initially, Intuit claimed that QuickBooks was so easy that small business owners could use it to manage their finances without the help of an accountant.  Fortunately for financial professionals, that didn’t prove true, and while many business owners find QuickBooks software satisfactory, they are much more successful in taking advantage of all the features and functionality after consulting with a QuickBooks specialist.

However, there are other possible reasons QuickBooks appeals to current prospective clients.   Here we consider three:

1. It’s the easiest to use. While this may or may not be true, consumers appear to believe it’s the case—and that’s what matters most.  Again, this may point back to QuickBooks marketing strategy because this is what Intuit claims to be true. 

2. QuickBooks has the features they want and need. QuickBooks has the broadest set of features to satisfy the needs of a small business owner.

3. It’s easy to find help. There are many accountants and bookkeepers proficient in QuickBooks, while not as many are familiar with the competing software.  Not to mention, many of those individuals have professional certification that demonstrates their expertise, something that many business owners find reassuring.

Your QuickBooks Services

Now you know why the majority of small business owners select QuickBooks to manage their accounting.  And in becoming a QuickBooks Specialist, you would have numerous ways to bring in more business, increase your income, and make your job easier.  You can start small by offering QuickBooks set-up and consultation services for $65-$95 per hour. You’ll find companies who want to perform accounting tasks themselves, but need help configuring QuickBooks to meet their needs.  With QuickBooks expertise, YOU can provide that help.

You can compliment your QuickBooks services by offering QuickBooks support.  Consider this: Intuit charges $75 an incident and $349-$600 per year for support.  That’s too pricey for most small business owners.  You could offer QuickBooks support for a more reasonable fee and draw in more clients in need of a little QuickBooks help.

Universal Accounting Center’s self-paced program, the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide (PBG) to QuickBooks, enables you to complete the parts that interest you and skip over the parts that don’t. Even if you have used the software for years, this program teaches you shortcuts and methods you may not have previously known. You will be impressed by the simple flow and completeness of this program.  For a small price you can purchase the QuickBooks software and the PBG, enabling you to earn that valuable QuickBooks Specialist designation.

In addition, when you purchase the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks, you will receive six months’ worth of free e-mail support with the program. This gives you an additional lifeline if you can’t solve a client’s problem.   

In less than one month you can acquire a valuable skill that will advance your career.  Don’t wait to improve your future.  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7909 to enroll in the PBG program now!