6 Habits To Retain Clients

Successful Bookkeeper and Accounting PracticeClient retention is a principle that is often overlooked or underestimated, but it’s vital for the healthy success of any business. If you are a small business or an independent accountant this can be especially true and critical. The smaller you are, the more important client retention will be for you.

Maintaining good client relations will mean profit in the long run and, surprisingly, bring you new business. We can help you spot trouble in retaining your own clients and help you form better habits for maximum client retention.

  1. Assess Needs – From the earliest stages it is critically important to understand the needs of your client. You must resist the urge to assume you know what is best for them or to give them the same packages or options as other clients. Figure out individual needs first, then do what you can to meet them.
  2. Get Personal – Taking some time to get to know your clients builds a more lasting relationship, and don’t forget to let them get to know you too. Share small snippets of your life and leave some time for small talk when possible. Let them see you’re a real person, and that you know they’re real people too.
  3. Be Prompt – Create habits of fast response and punctuality. Respond to calls and emails as quickly as possible. If you make an appointment for a meeting or call, commit to it and be on time. You are creating a reliability that keeps your client trusting you.
  4. Reward Loyalty – Rewarding clients who stick around is a great way to keep them sticking around. It fosters more enduring loyalty and will definitely be shared to attract new clients.
  5. Check the Temperature – Frequently check the happiness and needs of your clients. This can be done via email, surveys, or regular phone calls to check in. Allow them opportunities to give you constructive feedback, and then do your best to make necessary changes.
  6. Communicate – It’s important to keep your client posted on what you’re doing. Most Americans would say that they prefer to be informed about what services they are getting, so let them know when you make a decision for their business or get good news about a financial or legal matter that concerns them. When they feel like you’re honest and informative, they’ll stick around.

Can you see any weaknesses in your own business? Adopt as many of these habits as you can for your small business and soon your new clients will be lifelong assets. It’s time for you to become an Accountrepreneur.