Deena Kolb’s Turnkey Bookkeeping Business

Deena Kolb found a way to take what she enjoyed (bookkeeping) and make it into a business that allowed her to make money doing what she loved and help business owners. Listen in and hear her story. Understand what helped her become confident enough to start the business. See what you can do to do this “full-force” and get the clients you deserve. Uniquely she is now ready to retire so the story she tells is from starting to selling her company.

As part of this discussion she shares and brings up:

Deena shares that small business owners have more important things to do than bookkeeping. This is why she provides experienced and dependable bookkeeping services to small businesses. You work with her directly, one-on-one. As a certified Professional Bookkeeper, she takes care of the books so the business owner can get back to the job of running the business and generate profits! She is ready to help business owners succeed and reduce the stress and worries related to bookkeeping.