Accounting Certification Programs

Bookkeeping, Tax Prep & QuickBooks, Consultative Service Accounting Certification Courses:

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 Get Certified in Bookkeeping, Tax Prep & Quickbooks Color Accounting™ Certification A revolutionary new way of quickly and easily understanding financial information in a brilliant self-study format.  You will use diagrams and logical colors to see and experience graphically how accounting actually works. And yes, it is REAL accounting. In this self-study version, Mark Robilliard said it best – “All the best attributes of the acclaimed classroom-based workshop, but in the convenience of your own time.”

Experience the accounting model in a new fresh way to help you better communicate with your clients so they can more comfortably use the financial information you are providing to make more intelligent business decisions.   With this new understanding of the language of business, accounting, you’ll better find and retain clients.


Get Certified in Bookkeeping, Tax Prep & Quickbooks Professional Bookkeeper™ Certification After achieving the Professional Bookkeeper™ designation, you’ll be a full-charge accounting professional skilled in the day-to-day practical application of the accounting process in small to mid-sized businesses.  It is with this understanding you’ll have the confidence to do the books of business competently.  Be prepared for the most common situations when working with new clients:

  • Taking over the books of business from another accounting professional.
  • Managing the bookkeeping from someone with no formal bookkeeping training such as the owner, spouse, employee.
  • Setting up the books from scratch such as separating the business from personal financial accounts.  It all begins with the chart of accounts.


QuickBooks Specialist™ Certification The QuickBooks Specialist™ Certification This program provides the skills and experience it takes to become a QuickBooks Specialist. Earning the QuickBooks Specialist™ designation certifies your expertise with QuickBooks and demonstrates to clients and employers your commitment to providing top quality service.  This is the most common accounting software for small business.  Become an expert setting up the accounts and managing them in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.


Get Certified in Bookkeeping, Professional Tax Preparer & Quickbooks Professional Tax Preparer™ Certification Professional Tax Preparer™ certification is ideal for individuals interested in providing trusted tax preparation for individuals and businesses. Learn both tax planning and preparation strategies along with pricing, marketing, client relations etc.


The Virtual Bookkeeper’s Roandmap™ – Now that you have clients it’s time to streamline the workflow to work both efficiently and profitably.  Be mentored by a seasoned CPA as to how she runs her business using the latest in technology to leverage her time and talents.  It’s time to work ON your business.


The Profit & Growth Expert™ Certification – Confidently offer consultative accounting services as a value-add to traditional bookkeeping (write-up) accounting and tax work.  Learn the step by step process to help your clients go from being in the “Red to Black in 30 days” with the most common challenge business owners face, cash flow management.  As their trusted strategic advisor, implement the nine principles to make their business profitable so that they can deliberately and intentionally be “in the BLACK”.

In addition you’ll also be trained in the most effective and also inexpensive marketing and sales strategies for accounting professionals to identify, find and engage with your ideal clients to get paid what you are worth.


Profit First Professional Profit First Professional™ Certification Learn the tools, techniques, and strategies to find profits within their business as their trusted strategic advisor.  Join this community of committed accounting professionals to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.  After offering quality accounting services this is the next step to bring much needed value to the services you offer your clients.


Value Builder™ Certification Value Builder™ Certification The Value Builder™ Certification program provides the skills and experience to offer quality coaching services beyond your accounting services with a 12+ month engagement with your clients.  Earning the Value Builder™ certification shows you are an expert at applying the 8 Drivers and other proven processes and procedures to help business owners succeed in their industry.