Graduate Spotlight: John Lyden

John LydenOur graduates come from all walks of life. Some are tired of working 9-5, and others want to be their own boss. Regardless of the individual circumstances, they all wanted a better life, better pay, and more confidence. When John Lyden enrolled with Universal Accounting (UA), he was already his own boss. He had owned and operated a bagel shop and deli for more than eight years. Prior to purchasing his deli business, John was in corporate accounting for more than 11 years.

John decided that he would like to hone his prior skills and begin his own practice, so he chose to enroll at UA for refresher courses in Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation. At the time, all he really knew about his future was that he wanted to continue being his own boss. Beyond that, he didn’t know exactly what he would offer, nor which customers he would reach.

the accountrepreneur vennThrough the Master Coach Program, John was able to develop his WHY. What surprised him most was the way his education at UA opened his mind to grow his practice in ways he never expected. While John began with a bookkeeping and tax practice, he soon expanded into a full accounting business with an ancillary service to protect his clients from the effects of identity theft. He continued his education, as well—and is now life, accident and health insurance licensed.

John knew that while he was his own boss at the bagel shop, he wasn’t getting everything he wanted out of his life. The skills he gained with Universal Accounting led him to a new direction, and he is embracing that life with gusto and success.

Isn’t it time for your own success story?

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Graduate Spotlight: Adam Syvock

UAC Graduate Spotlight Adam SyvockAdam Syvock had been making plans to begin his own accounting practice when his position as an accountant for a pet products manufacturer was eliminated with a company-wide reduction. Taking the job loss as a sign to move forward with his goals, Adam decided it was time to beef up his knowledge of small business accounting.

Having already earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from UW-Milwaukee, he had a pretty firm grasp of corporate accountant functions, but Universal Accounting (UA) gave Adam a strong foundation in business fundamentals and how he could use that knowledge in small-business applications. UA also gave him the confidence to speak with potential clients about his business.

Adam already had the knowledge and skills to do the job of a great accountant, but he didn’t know how to convey his expertise or value to small business owners. The master coaching program really changed the game by solidifying his accounting foundation, so he could enjoy far more confidence in debit and credits, as well as communication.

After enrolling in the master coaching program, Adam learned how to market his new business more effectively, opened up his own office, and became the president of his local BNI chapter. His private practice has enjoyed steady growth and is now heading into its second year.

Prior to enrollment at UA, Adam’s vision of having his own accounting business was just a dream, and he didn’t know whether or not he would find success. Since graduation, he no longer questions his future, because he’s building it right now. His questions now revolve around how big he wants his business to grow!

Are you considering enrollment with UA? Adam says that it takes a great deal of dedication and passion, but for those who possess such qualities and are willing to put in the hard work, there is an enormous potential to succeed!

Isn’t it time for your own success story?

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Graduate Spotlight: John Zeiner

Universal Accounting - John Zeiner SpotlightWhen John Zeiner decided to build his own business in accounting and tax services for small business and startups, he realized he needed more than a refresher course in small business accounting and taxation. John knew a lot about accounting, accounting software and tax, but he didn’t have the knowledge to apply those corporate skills to a small business’s needs.

At the time, John had been traveling nearly half of the year on business as a financial systems consultant, and he just wasn’t happy. Though he’d had great success designing and implementing accounting systems for companies with revenues from $50M to $10B, John really wanted to be his own boss.

John chose to enroll in the accounting and tax programs at Universal Accounting (UA) because he appreciated the certifications offered for the additional credibility it would lend his future clients. He was nervous to branch out on his own, and especially to invest his money into his dream of being his own boss, but UA helped give him an edge of confidence with an in-depth curriculum focused on small businesses along with clear manuals and an online video classroom series.

Today, John is a successful UA graduate enjoying business ownership and truly excited to go to work every day. He is extremely passionate about using his knowledge and experience to benefit his clients. John’s coach and mentor at UA has helped him focus on marketing his skills throughout central Texas, and his list of tax and accounting clients grows weekly. No longer nervous, John is proud to carry the confidence and knowledge that he can match a client’s needs.

John’s best advice to those considering enrollment at UA is threefold. First, utilize the coaching available to you at UA because these people are truly compassionate and knowledgeable and they will work tirelessly to help you succeed. Next, let yourself get passionate about your education and business, so you can discover (or rediscover) the joy of working. And finally, be persistent in your endeavors and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Isn’t it time for your own success story?

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Graduate Spotlight: Steven Heintz

Here at Universal Accounting Center (UAC), we love to celebrate the successes of our graduates. Steven Heintz was managing the finance department for a city just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota when he decided to further his education at UAC.

Business Card - The Professional Bookkeeper, The Professional Bookkeepers Guide to QuickBooks, The Professional Tax PreparerWhy did you decide to enroll at UAC, and what program did you enroll in? I wanted to control my own successes and failures. I knew accounting and tax very well, but questioned how I was going to get business. When I came across UAC, I was drawn to the marketing side of what they offered. It seemed unique and matched the skills I most needed to improve, so I enrolled in the Professional Bookkeeper, QuickBooks Specialist, Tax Preparation, and the Universal Practice Builder programs.

How do you think UAC gave you an edge over other schools? My marketing coach, Scott McKinley—he forced me out of my comfort zone to take the specific actions needed to grow my business. These things are no longer outside of my comfort zone, and I actually enjoy them. I remember Scott telling me one time to “be bold.” That resonated with me, and I remind myself to “be bold” quite a bit. Being bold is fun!

Can you describe your confidence before and after UAC? When thinking about how I have changed in the last year, “confidence” is the specific word that comes to mind. A year ago, I had no idea how to articulate the value I bring to people, let alone think they would believe me. Now, I can confidently articulate the value I bring to clients, and think they are crazy if they turn me down!

I also had no idea how much to charge for my services. Like most new business owners, I was worried about losing business if my rates weren’t low. UAC gave me a specific model to calculate fair price. Now I am able to confidently quote a price on the spot, and I have the confidence to turn down a potential client if it isn’t going to work for me.

What are you doing now since graduation? Everything! I am still working a full-time job managing a finance department with 10 employees, while building my own business “on the side.” I have a family and a 4-year-old son. UAC and my coach, Scott, helped me realize when I needed help with the production side of my business, to allow me time to continue to grow my business and still live my life. I even hired a bookkeeper about two months ago whom I found with Scott’s assistance, and who had taken UAC’s Professional Bookkeeper course.

How is your life better after training with UAC? Quite simply, I am doing something I enjoy and am successful at it. I am happier overall. The confidence I gained from UAC has spilled over into other parts of my life as well. I am only a couple of months away from leaving my full-time job, which will allow me much more time to grow my business and spend more time with my family.

This was really the whole purpose of starting this business. I even chose the name Freedom Accounting & Tax Services.

What advice do you have for those considering enrolling with UAC? You would be crazy not to do it! It turned out to be one of the best investments I have ever made. Most successful people invest in themselves and their continued growth. It was a big investment with a big reward.

I would suggest someone considering UAC take time to analyze themselves. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are they missing to be successful? UAC can provide that. And, if they need help with this analysis, they should definitely enroll, because that was one of the first things my coach helped me with!

If you’re ready to take control of your own life and enjoy the same freedom and confidence that Steven found, call today: (877) 833-7909.