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Explore our Tax Preparation Course to gain in-depth knowledge and become a certified tax professional. Get answers to FAQs and enroll today!


Tax Preparation Course

Are you interested in becoming a tax professional?

Our tax preparation training offers everything you need to start your own tax business. It equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this field.

With completion of our classes, you will obtain a Universal Accounting School Professional Tax Preparer certification.

Acquire National Certification in Tax Preparation

Every year, we all have to file taxes. It is necessary for a secure financial future. To distinguish yourself in this field, certifying your abilities as a Professional Tax Preparer is crucial. This certification establishes you as a seasoned tax professional. 

If you want to enjoy the many advantages of being a certified tax preparer, we can help you. The national Professional Tax Preparer Certification (PTP certification) is an informative course provided by Universal Accounting School.

About the Course & Universal Accounting School

Our exceptional course is carefully designed to ensure the success of our students. 

  • The Professional Tax Preparer Program encompasses 20-67 hours of comprehensive training, spanning four modules. 
  • Three of these modules are covered during the program, with the fourth following the successful completion of your exam. 
  • These modules will teach you the fundamentals of tax preparation and assist you in achieving profitable business returns. 
  • Our post-qualification module will help you establish your own thriving tax practice.

Benefits of Our Program

At Universal Accounting School, our commitment lies in providing unparalleled opportunities for career advancement. There is vast potential that comes with achieving certification as a tax preparer, whether you want to work at an accounting firm or start your own. 

Our program offers a range of advantages, including:

  • Convenient and Flexible All-Online Courses.
  • Rapid Program Completion and Certification in Weeks, Not Months.
  • Options for Paying Tuition in Full or Utilizing Our Flexible Student Loan Financing.
  • Dedicated Coaches to Assist You Throughout Your Course and Beyond.
  • Comprehensive Online Accessibility, Supporting Not Just Certification but Also Job Placement Assistance.

Our program is made for you to use online. You can choose how fast you want to advance your career. This is a great option for people who want to keep working while taking the course, or for those balancing work and family responsibilities. 

Our online course helps you easily stay updated on the newest tax laws in the country. It guarantees you have the most recent information available throughout your course. Master tax planning and preparation with this course!

Additional Support: With our online course, you’ll have access to all the resources necessary to confidently begin preparing returns. Should you require assistance, our teaching and program support are readily accessible via a simple phone call or email.

Job Placement Assistance Program: Our commitment to your success extends beyond the course’s completion. We offer placement assistance to ensure you can kickstart your desired career immediately after certification.

  • We can assist you in crafting an impressive resume that highlights your strengths. 
  • We can help you explore job opportunities in your vicinity.
  • When you have interviews lined up, we can even fine-tune your interview techniques.

Job Outlook & Career Opportunity

Every year, people and businesses look for reliable tax preparers. With the National PTP certification, you’ll proudly be a “PTP,” telling clients you can handle all kinds of tax returns. This makes you highly sought after, especially compared to uncertified competitors nearby.

A career as a National Professional Tax Preparer offers financial success and work flexibility. You can choose to work full or part-time, and even work from the comfort of your home. This flexibility empowers you to set your own hours and manage your workload as you see fit.

Few careers offer both flexibility and a stable income. Now is the perfect time to pursue certification. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career field is projected to grow by 2.9% through 2026. Based on current data, the majority of tax preparers earn a median salary of $36,000, and there’s a notable increase in new job opportunities. Regardless of your location, becoming a National Professional Tax Preparer opens up possibilities for you.

A career as a National Professional Tax Preparer provides stability, flexibility, and significant earning potential. Taxes are a constant aspect of life, guaranteeing a continual need for tax preparers. With the proper certification, you can ensure job security and enjoy consistent employment opportunities.

Join Universal Accounting School today and start your journey towards becoming a National Professional Tax Preparer.

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Tax Course Near You

Here are a few of the common cities we’ve helped our customers get certified & established in:

Tax Preparation Course FAQs

Here are a few of the common cities we’ve helped our customers get certified & established in:

To learn how our professional certifications could help you in your career or to discover if Universal Accounting®’s at-home learning model is right for you, please give us a call. A friendly and knowledgeable UAC advisor would be happy to help you explore your options and uncover the right training solution and business plan to suit you.

Universal’s founder Alf Bostrom began by training degreed accountants. During his 35 years in accounting, Alf noticed a deficiency in university and college training programs towards small business accounting. They tended to orient their instruction toward the needs of large corporations, ignoring the daily tasks critical to a small business owner. UAC aims to give accountants tools to specifically help small businesses.

To be admitted to one of Universals’ programs, applicants should have a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) certificate, and beyond the age of compulsory high school attendance, as prescribed by Utah law (see Rule 152-34-4(3) of the Utah Administrative Code).

Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper™ and Professional Tax Preparer™ designations are four-week-long programs.

Other Universal courses vary in length. Please contact registration at +1 (801) 623 6707 for specific information.

Universal offers a simple, 12+month financing options.. For more information on financing qualifications and arrangements, please contact registration at +1 (801) 623 6707

Yes. Upon registration, students are provided with workbooks and other classroom materials necessary to complete the course. Accompanying distance-learning instructional videos will be provided as well.

Companies in the community often contact Universal for potential job candidates. 

Universal’s job placement assistance program consists of resume preparation, resume placement strategies, and successful interviewing techniques. 

Additionally, graduates may also be assigned a Personal Achievement Coach to assist them in their career pursuit. 

While we may provide job attainment information, we cannot make guarantees for employment.

Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper™, Professional Tax Preparer™, and QuickBooks Specialist™ certifications are recognized by employers nationwide as the gold standard in small business training. 

Graduates of a Universal Accounting Center® program will be provided with a Graduation Certificate for each completed field of study passed with >70% .  Certifications & related designations may be offered to those passing the final exams with >90%. 

Universal will also provide a Letter of Recommendation regarding the skills you have learned.

Get Certified as a Bookkeeping Professional from Anywhere!

Here are a few of the common cities we’ve helped our customers get certified & established in:


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